Mai Sentito, La Staffa

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100% Verdicchio

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Great as an aperitivo, works with a variety of appetizers, fried or finger foods.

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Winemaker Notes

This ancestral method Mai Sentito wine is produced in Staffolo, a town in the province of Ancona, in the Marche region. It comes from pure Verdicchio grapes from espalier-trained vines, with the guyot pruning method, located on hills at about 440 meters above sea level with clayey-limestone soils.

The Mai Sentito Bianco Frizzante Sur Lie is fermented in bottle, harvested by hand the first ten days of September. The specially selected clusters, brought to the cellar, are gently pressed directly to then carry out the alcoholic fermentation, using only indigenous yeasts, in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature for about 20 days. Then the wine is drawn off and bottled, after which the wine rests on its fine lees for about 4 months during which the fermentation in the bottle naturally takes place. At the end of the fermentation, the sparkling Verdicchio ages for a further 6 months in the bottle before being sold.

The Story

Mai Sentito translates to 'Never heard of it' - a sparkling Verdicchio, something that surely most have never heard of. We always struggle to find good and unique sparkling wines, so when we came across this dry, fresh, crispy wine, we thought it would be perfect to feature in the club.

The first time we met Riccardo we were blown away at how young yet knowledgeable he was about his area and vineyards. The winery owns about 6 hectares of vineyards, and is a small family-run business managed by the young and talented Riccardo Baldi, an oenologist born in 1990 with a great desire to do and experiment who, after only a couple of harvests, has managed to establish itself as a reference point of the Marche region and beyond.

This wine is so easy to open, share and perfect to get a convivial evening going. Fresh, natural and totally fun. Enjoy!

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