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Dumped wine. Undrinkable wines. Bored from getting the same type of wine over and over? Stuck in a year contract and can't cancel? These are all common problems with wine clubs.

Craving something artisan and unique? Lindsay Gabbard, from California, and Alessandro Pepe, from Italy, created the Roscioli Italian Wine Club with something different in mind.

What sets us apart from everyone else...

  • We work with artisan winemakers, sourcing you unique, exclusive, and scarce wines that only those living in Italy are lucky enough to drink.
  • We bring you into each vineyard via video, where you can connect to the wine, meet the winemakers and learn the culture of the land.
  • We deliver Italy's immense biodiversity to your doorstep and keep you surprised and excited with special gifts.

And, of course...

NO contracts, ever

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Meet our team of Sommeliers and Masters of Wine


Lindsay Gabbard

Lindsay Gabbard is a wine passionate who came to Rimessa Roscioli in 2015 for a wine tasting and never left. Sommelier at Rimessa Roscioli and co-founder of the Roscioli Italian Wine Club, she stays busy in Rome hosting wine tastings as well as traveling extensively to select wines for the wine club.

Passionate reader, writer and storyteller, she brings a human side to understanding and appreciating wine in an unpretentious way.


Alessandro Pepe

Soul and spirit of Rimessa Roscioli and co-founder of the Roscioli Italian Wine Club, Alessandro Pepe has 20+ years of experience in the world of food and wine, which he communicates with huge passion and great know-how. Milan, Dublin and Rome are the cities that have marked and outlined his path, along with making documentaries, doing theatre and much more. Today Alessandro can be found at Rimessa Roscioli among hundreds of labels, where he hosts tastings that are rich in information about Italy's food, wine and culture.


Paola Carlomosti

A volcanic personality of passion and knowledge who with her never-ending relentless spirit travels Italy in search of artisan winemakers for the Roscioli Italian Wine Club. More than just having the credentials of Master of Wine, she has visited over 500 wineries, documenting the visits for the Roscioli Youtube channel and assisting in selections for the wine club.


Michela Montanaro

Youngest female graduate for her professional sommelier diploma, Michela's sommelier 'profession' started early. Already at age 13, she was making the wine selections for her family's Sunday lunches. Wine has been the convergence of her passions; history and stories, travels, geography, literature, philosophy and even sociology, and today this is shared by being one of the head sommeliers of Rimessa Roscioli.

Our team shares wine stories, insights, pairing guides and much more in our blog:

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We work with hundreds of producers to make our Italian wine club the most unique in the world. 

Each winemaker has a story to tell and we have made it part of our mission to help them share it with you.

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