Roscioli Italian Wine Club

Terms & Conditions

~ Important shipping details ~


Shipping Charge for:

  • Virgin Islands = 25€
  • Hong Kong = 25€
  • Japan = 20€
  • Singapore = 20€
  • Hawaii, Alaska = 15€
  • Switzerland = 15€

No shipping to:

  • Canada
  • South America
  • Utah, USA

* Cost is per payment.  For other countries than EU/UK/US, please inquire first.


– Please note –
Shipments happen TWICE per year in the Fall and Spring and billing happens FOUR times per year. 
Billing dates are:  Feb 15, March 15, Aug 15 and Sept 15.

Signature of an adult may be required for delivery. We strongly recommend using a business address when possible to ensure someone is able to sign. Please make an account with FedEx Delivery Manager or UPS if you have specific delivery requirements.

During COVID, some carriers/states do not require signatures!

We reserve the right to cancel your membership, and of course, you can cancel anytime by writing us an email 1 month before next installment cycle for planning purposes, but we will surely be sorry to see you go.

Get Started


To help you make the most of your membership please take a moment to familiarize yourself with all the policies regarding your membership.

There is no annual fee to join the Roscioli Italian Wine Club and you may sign up anytime online, via phone or by visiting the tasting room. You will be charged for your first shipment upon registration and then fall into our automatic billing dates. As a member you agree to all terms and conditions of membership.

By becoming a member you verify that you or the recipient of the club is at least 21 years of age (for US) or of legal age in your country where you receive the shipment. You authorize Rimessa Roscioli to charge your credit card four times per year (February 15, March 15, August 15, Sept 15).


You will receive an email two weeks prior to each club shipment noting important dates and details of your shipment. It is the member’s responsibility to notify Rimessa Roscioli of any changes to credit card, billing/shipping address, club tier prior to the billing date noted in the email. Unfortunately we are unable to make any changes after billing.


The club releases will be charged to the credit card on file the dates above. It is your obligation to update your credit card information in your members area on this website or by phone, or email prior to the billing date.

PLEASE NOTE:  if you sign up close to the 2nd installment for a shipment, you may see two charges close to each other - meaning if you sign up on March 1st, your next bill date will be March 15th, and then you will fall into the standard billing schedule.

Or if you sign up after the 2nd installment for a billing cycle and we still have inventory, we will reach out to bill you for the 2nd installment in order to ship all your wines.

In addition any address changes must be made in writing to or phone at least 5 days prior to this billing. Rimessa Roscioli is not responsible for shipping charges incurred due to misdirected or returned shipments or changes made after the deadline. If a club shipment is returned for an incorrect address or three failed delivery attempts you will be responsible for the additional cost of reshipping or a restocking fee of 45€.

Club wine purchases, tax and shipping are non-refundable once they have been processed. Costs may change without notice.  For any errors, we must be notified by email within 24 hours.


Shipping is done TWICE per year (Spring/Fall). We offer FREE SHIPPING to approved regions and locations with some exceptions. Please see the SHIPPING section on this page for up-to-date details on which regions do carry a surcharge, and which regions are excluded from club membership.

Tasting Room Pick Up

Due to space constraints at the tasting room, picking up your club release is available on a limited basis and to a limited number of members. If you wish to be a will call member please let us know here.

Will call members are required to pick up their club wines within 30 days of billing. If you miss picking up two shipments you will automatically be switched to permanent shipping.


We understand that you may prefer certain wines over others; however we encourage you to try the winemaker’s selections as they reflect the high quality and house style you expect from Rimessa Roscioli, and are often of limited production. If you have any questions regarding the selected wines in your shipment please contact the wine club team prior to the billing date.

Holds and Cancellations

You may place your membership “on hold” for one shipment per calendar year with a written notice to at least 15 days prior to a club shipping month. Please note that a hold on your membership also suspends all club benefits.  To cancel, we must have written notice by email at least 30 days before the next cycle (before Feb 15 or before Aug 15) for planning purposes, as wines are ordered months before fulfillment.

Sharing Your Club Benefits

Due to system constraints we are only able to have one name and one corresponding email on the membership. Benefits are not transferable.

We hope you find your membership enjoyable. If we can be of further assistance, please contact the team here.


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