Our Values

Our mission is to enhance the way wines are enjoyed and appreciated, by providing an authentic and meaningful experience of pleasurable learning with all the resources available to members.

We aim to create a community of like-minded individuals who want to share our goal of living a more engaged, meaningful and connected life.

Our wines will come from artisan winemakers who give maximum respect to their territory and the environment, and have a communal approach to life.

Everything we do, will be about going the extra mile - from curating a super exclusive selection, to customer service, through content creation. We want you to drink better - which has little to do with paying more.

Here are our five values which support our vision in creating our wine club.


We are a community - of artisan winemakers, of sommeliers, of wine and Italy lovers - who share information, support and help each other - a physical hub,  Rimessa Roscioli, to connect with us when in Rome (or virtually via streamings or ask us anything by email) and we'll even help connect you with our network of winemakers to visit when you're here.


Wines which we select must purely represent a territory, and be made by artisans, never industries.  All wineries selected take maximum respect for the land, minimally intervene in the vineyard and cellar, and never use chemicals or additives which change the flavor - often as is done for the mass market.  All wines come directly from Italy, and do not have any added sulphites required by importation laws.

Culture and Learning

Behind each glass of wine, there is a story, history, and something more important than alcohol. Once you find culture, you define richness differently and discover deeper appreciation in everything you do, including drinking and enjoying wine.  


Humans are beautiful - much more beautiful than alcohol!  And so they are at the very heart and center of our wine club, always the protagonists in all our video content, which come via QR code on all wines in our wine club.  


In every sense from biodiversity to human diversity, we celebrate differences and are absolutely against the homogenization of wine and the world.  

We believe wine is a vehicle to nature, humanity, culture, socialization, travel, experience, and deeper connections.  

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