Our Commitment

All of us at the Roscioli Wine Club are committed to making this the best wine experience for you,
our members - but our commitments extend far and wide around this planet.  We are committed to:

Our People

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Our winemakers, our employees, our members. We commit to creating a network and community which is stimulating, socio-economically fair, inclusive and honest.  We support equality and diversity.

The Environment & Sustainability

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We are committed to minimizing our footprint on the earth in every sense - from mainly working with winemakers who do not use machines or tractors to harvest (where possible), to supporting organic and biodynamic farmers, to using the most sustainable packaging for shipping (only biodegradable materials - never styrofoam), to printing only which materials are absolutely necessary and utilizing digital technology - in including carbon positive hosting - to deliver as much information as possible.

Opening your mind...

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Especially in the sense of how you define quality - without using meaningless scores and ratings and without just saying I like it or I don't.

There is an entire world beyond Cabernet and Chardonnay and we want to show you what real wine truly is and how beautifully complex it can be when not made with chemicals and additives for the mass market.

Discovering and appreciating authenticity and complexity in wine allows you to discover it everywhere in life - from what you notice, to how you travel.


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We are committed to making sure your wines are stored properly, shipped in optimal times and have no defects. We will always replace or refund any defective bottle. Please be aware that corked wines happen in less than 1% of all cases and please remember that just because you don't like a wine, doesn't mean it is defective.

Exceptional Service

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We are committed to giving you the level of service you'd expect from a large company, but from a small company approach. Our goal is to always be reachable via email or WhatsApp, and to get you a response in 24 hours, within our limits, and to go above and beyond your expectations.

Feedback is highly welcome and encouraged, and we promise to continually improve logistically and technologically to ensure a smooth experience as we grow.

We believe wine is a vehicle to nature, humanity, culture, socialization, travel, experience, and deeper connections.  

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