Vino Frizzante, Renzo Rebuli


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100% Glera

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Great as an aperitivo, works with a variety of appetizers and finger foods including fresh cheeses like mozzarella, burrata and ricotta.

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**Important to note!  This wine will be cloudy - it's just not filtered or clarified.  It is best to turn the bottle upside for 20 seconds to let the yeasts disperse around equally in the bottle, as they settle on the bottom and if you serve wine to several people, the first gets a nice clear glass and the last person gets the all the juju at the bottom 😉  But, do not shake it!

Winemaker Notes

The Renzo Rebuli winery is in the heart of the Valdobbiadene area, in the northern region of Veneto, with the steep and sunny hills creating the perfect conditions for sparkling wines.

Renzo Rebuli combines ancient winemaking techniques with innovative technological systems for truly special results. The exclusively Glera grapes for their Vino Frizzante are harvested by hand before undergoing a 100% natural fermentation process, with no sulphites added. Forget everything you think you know about the typical sugary Prosecco's, this natural sparkling wine is a true reflection of the Valdobbiadene hills, aromatic and fresh.

The Story

What do I love? I love that this wine could be called Prosecco but they choose to call it a vino frizzante. Technically it abides by the rules required, being from the Valdobbiadene, made with Glera and other DOC rules, yet the winemaker chooses not to call it Prosecco simply because it's unlike 99% of the sparkling sugar water commonly known as prosecco at the supermarket.

Even if the word prosecco helps you to sell your wines (because so many people consider it their affordable holy water, or they're just young or addicted to sugar) Renzo Rebuli chooses to go against the grain to maintain sincerity. No prosecco has ever flown off our shelves so fast!

It's dry, lightly effervescent, and made completely naturally with nothing added. Important - you'll want to lightly turn this bottle for 20 seconds to mix the yeast at the bottom, or you can be very careful when pouring to keep it all at the bottom (otherwise the first glass is totally clear and the last is much. more murky). But don't worry, the yeast are totally normal and responsible for the fermentation (aka alcohol) so don't hate on them too much.

You'll easily see why a wine like this isn't destined for supermarkets as it's quite different in the way it looks. But for us natural wine lovers, that's the good stuff!

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