Vigna alla Sughera 2015,
I Mandorli



100% Sangiovese

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Pork dishes, pizza with sausage,
mushroom risotto or mushroom pasta.

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Winemaker Notes

The territory through which the hectares of property wind is characterized by a rocky subsoil, rich in trace elements, sunny, on which a constant breeze blows, which envelops the typical Mediterranean scrub that surrounds the vineyards, located about 300 meters above sea level and exposed on two plots: one to the south overlooking the Gulf of Portoferraio and the Island of Elba and the other to the north overlooking the Tuscan hinterland.

Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Aleatico and Vermentino are grown among the rows, varieties that are bred following the principles of biodynamic agriculture, favoring the perennial process of exchange between earth and air, giving rise to microbial activity. In the vineyard there is a lot of attention, because the birth of great wines takes place in this phase, while the cellar is experienced as a waiting place, where time and refinements, always short so as not to spoil the primary aromas of the grapes, serve to close the circle of what has already been achieved in the fields.
No enzymes, yeasts, sulfur dioxide or concentrates are used, and the temperatures during fermentation are not controlled. The brief refinements take place in large used wooden barrels, cement or terracotta amphorae; the latter are 3 in total and are characterized by low porosity, thus allowing little oxygenation.

The Story

Vigna alla Sughera is a beautiful expression of pure Sangiovese, sunny and Mediterranean. With its rich and mature style, it perfectly represents the profile that characterizes the reds of the Tuscan Maremma. Thanks to the aging in wood, it offers already evolved, complex aromas and good longevity. Born in the heart of the Val di Cornia, near the Belvedere di Suvereto, in the hilly hinterland of the Etruscan Coast, between San Vincenzo and the gulf of Baratti.

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