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Winemaker Notes

Limited edition sparkling red wine produced with ancestral method.
Short skin contact period of few days and vinification in stainless steel tanks. Then bottled. Unfiltered and not disgorged wine from 2016 vintage. Only 1000 bottles produced.

The Story

During Spring 2016 Riccardo Baldi, owner of La Staffa winery, decided to allocate some rows of a native red vine located on the hill of the "Rincrocca" Cru to the production of a sparkling red wine refermented on its own yeasts, taking inspiration to the ancestral way of vinification of the local tradition.

The choice to focus more and more on Verdicchio as the winery's main label, leads La Staffa in 2017 to explant the rows from which they get the grapes for this wine in order to plant a new Verdicchio vineyard. Enjoy every single sip because this wine has only been produced this time and will never be produced again. A thousand bottles and never a thousand again!

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