Alta Langa Pas Dosé, Rizzi

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85% Chardonnay
15% Pinot Nero

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Ready or drink by 2025


Neive (Cuneo), Langhe PIEMONTE


Calamari and shrimp
Tuna tartare with sundried tomatoes, capers and burrata cheese
Smoked salmon
Prawn and scallops risotto
Truffle omelette
Perfect for appetizers and aperitivo

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Winemaker Notes

Vineyard located at 270 - 430 meters a.s.l. on white marl clayey-calcareous soil, with North, North-East and West exposure.

Manual harvest in small crates, from the 2nd to the 3rd week of August (with slight variations depending on weather conditions), vinification in stainless steel vats, with no malolactic fermentation. Repeated batonnages for around 7/8 months, before the bottling in the spring for the second fermentation of traditional method.

30 months on lees. 6 months in bottle after the degorgement before its release on the market.

The Story

The story was quite comical.  Anyone who knows Alessandro knows he has no trouble being honest about how he feels about wines.  Enrico was insistent on Alessandro trying his sparkling wine.  Alessandro said 'please, if it's not Champagne, or nearly identical, don't even give it to me or I might say really bad things about it'.  Enrico continues we take it to dinner at Le Torri to taste it.  He hates it, and makes a point to tell Enrico that 'he told him'.. 

Flash forward to filming Barolo Girls and to an evening where we hosted 20 winemakers from there who each brought a bottle of wine.  Enrico brings a bottle to taste blind - Alessandro literally lights up and exclaims 'Wow, buonissimo! What is this?' as Enrico pulls back the cover revealing the same bottle he had given him before with a smirk on his face.  Joke on Alessandro, and he admitted that Enrico won.  The wine was beautiful. 
Rizzi winery was founded in 1974, on the ancient nineteenth-century family farms, thanks to Ernesto Dellapiana. Growing up with a passion for Langhe and its vineyards, Ernesto decided in 1973 to leave the city and an established paper industry, to pursue his greatest passions: wine, vineyard and the land of Langa.

Ernesto choose the name Rizzi, like the farmhouse overlooking the homonymous Cru. Thanks to continuous acquisitions over the time today the winery counts 35 hectares. Since 2004, with the entry into the business of Jole and Enrico, sons of Ernesto, the aspects dedicated to marketing and sales, the technical management of the farm and the cellar have also been improved.

The Pas Dosè Alta Langa sparkling wine represents a pleasant variation within the Rizzi product range, mostly focused on reds. However, the winery, which has always been deeply linked to the Piedmontese Langhe, could not refrain from presenting this sparkling wine which belongs to the recently established DOCG at the regional level.

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