Fhil, Albamocco


100% Verdicchio

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Castelplanio, Marche


Spaghetti with basil pesto sauce, fish appetizers, grilled prawns, salmon tartare

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Winemaker Notes

Verdicchio grapes come from young vines with an average age of 10 years planted at 170 m asl with
north-west exposure on clay-limestone soil. The bunches are harvested in the morning to take advantage of the low temperatures and pressed in a hydraulic press. The main peculiarity of this wine is represented by the innovative cultivation system "H" shaped of the vines. Filippo Russotto can be considered the father of this particular form of cultivation even if he took inspiration from the ancient viticulture of the area, reinterpreting it in a modern key. The H shape allows the optimal development of the grapes, and the harvesting at full phenolic maturity without neglecting the acidity necessary to sparkling wine production. Unfiltered wine. Exclusively produced for Roscioli, 3084 bottles.

The Story

Located between the two wine-growing villages of Castelplanio and Poggio San Marcello in the province of Ancona, Albammaco is a project with a drive to create Verdicchio Classico dei Castelli di Jesi that shows the love the couple feels for their adopted home. Alessandra Venturi and her husband Filippo Russotto found this love after exploring the Marche and getting stranded during their travels - a local winemaker helped them return their vehicle to the road and introduced them to his vineyards and cellar. This was the moment of revelation for the couple, who immediately decided to uproot their life for the Marche. They acquired land and farmed olives trees, began planting vines around these trees, and acquired an abandoned vineyard to begin the process of lovingly returning it to a fertile and flourishing site. Always farming as sustainably as possible, with a lean towards biodynamics, each bottle of wine made represents the intense passion Alessandra and Filippo have for their farm and new home.

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