Don Paolo 2016, Sorrentino


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100% Aglianico

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Boscotrecase, Campania


Homemade lasagna, pasta with meatballs, Carbonara, grilled prime beef fillet, artisanal charcuterie and aged cheese.

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Winemaker Notes

Manual harvesting of the grapes in perforated boxes, the loving care of the plants, the silence in which the barrel aging takes place, are gestures of ancient wisdom that belong to past centuries. The technology of destemmers, filtration, pumping over and the oenological work are instead the natural evolution of a passion that is ahead of its time and takes advantage of modern winemaking techniques. The unmistakable peculiarity of Vesuvian wines and everything that is grown on Vesuvius lies in the exceptional nature of the volcanic soil. The composition varies depending on the slope and the relative lava flows. The vineyards are located on the south-west side where the numerous lava flows that have reached the sea. This has enriched the soil with minerals, pumice stones, lapils and have made it very fertile, with high porosity and drainage. This constitutes a first natural defense against pathogen attacks and above all guarantees the authentic conservation of ungrafted vines.

The Story

Paolo Sorrentino and his wife Angela inherited the family vineyards and with dedication for the production of Vesuvian wines, for fruit and vegetable cultivation, they recovered all the varieties preserved by their ancestors. Thanks to Benny Sorrentino, Paolo's daughter, some changes took place in the last 15 years to a gradual shift in the vineyards breeding methods, in their management and in winemaking techniques. We love the way they work with the land and they are quite lucky with their position on the volcano to be able to work with ungrafted vines which is quite a rarity these days with phylloxera, the little root louse which eats the roots, requiring everyone to graft onto the American root stock which is pretty much completely immune to it (but fortunately he doesn't do so well in volcanic soils).

"Continuing and spreading the quality of a legendary wine" is Sorrentino winery’s motto. Ancient origins play an important role in the production philosophy but this does not prohibit the chance to experiment with new projects and to introduce innovations. Aglianico Pompeiano grape, called Don Paolo, represents an example of a rare oenological balance between meticulous care in the cultivation of the vine and impeccable work in the cellar. The complementary application of traditional and more modern and experimental winemaking techniques makes Sorrentino winery one of the most active and lively wineries in the search for the quality.

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