Sacramenta, Cantine di Neoneli


Pascale, Cannonau, Monica, Muristellu, Carignano, Cagnulari, Cinsault, Nieddu Mannu

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Neoneli, Sardegna


Amatriciana pasta, maccheroni with sausage and saffron, pulled pork sandwich, grilled beef fillet, smoked ham with roasted potatoes,
artisanal charcuterie and semi aged cheese

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Winemaker Notes

Old small sapling vines from a vineyard which do not exceed half a hectare at an altitude of 450 to 550 meters above sea level. In each vineyard of the winery there are about 10 different kind of red grape varieties. This unfiltered wine ages for 14 months in wooden barrels and then it rests for 6 months in the bottle.

The Story

Neoneli winery was born from a bet desired and accepted years ago when 3 friends (Marco, Samuel and Salvatore) decided to save the identity and traditions of their territory. Through hard work, perseverance and stubbornness they managed to go beyond reason, feeling indebted to their people who have been able to maintain the quality of their vines for centuries: a heritage that was impossible to leave behind. Today the vineyard area counts over 6 hectares, divided in about twenty vineyards which over the centuries have built a perfect symbiosis with the surrounding cork oaks, used exclusively for the cork of their bottles, creating a rare wine landscape.

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