Sagrantino di Montefalco
"Foglio 11", Calcabrina


100% Sagrantino

Drinking Window

Drink now or by 2030


Montefalco, Umbria


This wine almost doesn't need to be paired with food. Sausage and mushroom dishes pair as well as black truffle spaghetti, artisanal charcuterie
and aged cheeses

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Winemaker Notes

Biodynamic agriculture, spontaneous fermentations with indigenous yeast, low sulfite, no filtration, no clarification, aged 24 months in oak barrel.

The Story

Calcabrina cannot be considered as a simple winery. As a matter of facts it a family-run farm located near Montefalco, active in the field of viticulture and the production of goat cheeses. Diego Calcabrina, born in 1980, is the essence of this small farm together with his father Angelo. The business has changed in the early 2000s and since 2005 they are following organic and biodynamic principles. The animals were included in the project in order to have natural fertilizers for Sagrantino vineyards. Natural winemaking, manual harvest, spontaneous fermentations, no sulfur dioxide addition. In short: a genuine wine, child of respect for nature and the territory. Tannin and structure to sell but with an extraordinary freshnessand elegance. And if you get a chance to meet Diego, you’ll get a stand up comedy show for free.

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