Culatello Explained

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A detailed explanation regarding the Culatello, a prime cut of cured ham, during a special presentation and tasting evening at Rimessa Riociolli.

Let me explain about the Culatello. Let's take this one here.
If this would be the leg, inside a ham holder
The knee would be here, and the backside would be here.
Cutting it by hand, this would be the more flavorful part. In fact it is the driest part
This is the part with more fat
There is always a star, like the head of "Fury, the Brave Stallion"
There's a star, it must be there, and there are some 'branches', some veins, fat veins
And here too there is the star and there are the ramifications
So, the Culatello has a very fatty part on one side, and a very dry part
If you should find a Culatello that does not have this balance between these parts
It will surely be that cut, but from a very small pig.
The difference between Prosciutto and Culatello is that the Culatello is like the pork nut, the heart
So, you can't make Prosciutto and Culatello from the same leg
You make either one or the other.
"Sagittal or transverse cut? - We're radiologists - It looks transverse."
Let's see what he says: sagittal or transverse?
This is from black pork, 21 months, and the color is different.


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