Caravaglio Bartolo, Sicily and his vineyards

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Bartolo Caravaglio of the Caravaglio winery on the Aeolian islands compares ancient Roman defense tactics to the way the winemakers have trained their vines to defend themselves against the strong winds on the island.

When the Romans had to defend themselves from an enemy attack
What they did was... The commander of the legion would say: "Close ranks!"
And so they would place their shields in front of them and above them.
The attack with arrows, or something like that, did little damage.
There were very few victims, almost none.
So the farmers used this method to defend themselves, because we had only one enemy: the wind, Aeolus!
Because the wind here - or actually here we are covered, but over there - is very strong.
So they would defend the vineyard, and one of their defense methods was this one.
The vines on the perimeter would suffer, but all the ones on the inside were safe.


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