Rimessa Roscioli Recipe – 3 Pomodori

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Our chef Tommaso explains a traditional plate of pasta - 3 Pomodori - click above to watch.


Hello welcome here to Rimessa Roscioli.
today I want to show you how to do the
special sauce with 4 kind of tomatoes, or 3 Pomodori.
You have to start with garlic and extra
virgin olive oil which comes from Puglia
this kind of tomatoes called pacchetella.
is a very nice tomato and is made only in
the summer time. we're going to use another kind of tomato from
Campania. we are here in this part of
company the semi dry chopped tomato from
sicily from this small highland here
from the same farm.
we're gonna use a semi dry tomato they
can't look without you the garlic inside
them the oil believe it we don't have to
fry it just make it hot we don't have to
burn the extra virgin olive oil the
garlic is start to fight little bit and
we have to start with the pacchetella
[Music] and put it the other one this chopped
dried tomato is is a very nice like a
sauce so it's already done so we're
gonna put it we have to leave to cook
for for five minutes we can remove the
garlic because now all the flavor of the
garlic is still inside of the sauce so
we don't need it this is an amazing
spaghetti one spaghetti with a really
whole grain so we're gonna put the
spaghetti inside a touch of extra virgin
olive oil
so is it done let's plate
[Music] so we're gonna put the sauce the last
tomato is probably with the strong
flavor and we don't have to cook it
inside the sauce and we're gonna put
like this an amazing plate of tomato
sauce with full kind of tomatoes


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