Vegia Rampana, La Colombera


100% Barbera

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Homemade lasagna with wild mushrooms and pork sausage, grilled lamb ribs with mashed potatoes, aged cheese and aged Parma ham.

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Winemaker Notes

Vegia Rampana is a Barbera-based red wine from Tortona hills, located in the southernmost area of Piedmont region. The composition of the soil is mostly clayey with strips of limestone in the upper layers. Aged in steel, it is a long-living wine which gives its best at least 8 years after the harvest.

The Story

In the small village of Vho, just 5 kilometers from Tortona, the 20 hectares of vineyards embody the beating heart of Colombera winery. The owner/oenologist Elisa manages the winery since 1997. Her contribution was decisive in the production of high quality wine and in the transformation of the old family farm into a gem.

Today the winery dedicates all its production to the development of native vines in a splendid natural amphitheater overlooking the Tortona plain. The soils are clayey and rich in limestone, thanks to the local Sant'Agata marl, a chalky formation whose contribution has been demonstrated in the production of elegant and fragrant wines. Compared to the other areas of the Tortona area, the climate of the hamlet of Vho is hotter and drier, so much so that the ripening of the grapes is anticipated.

In the handful of times Elisa has come to Rimessa or we have gone to see her, I don't ever recall a moment that she wasn't smiling - whether we we filming her walking in the vineyards with a piece of cardboard over her head as it rained, or during the rough and unstable times of Covid. She won't say it's easy being the 'queen' of Tortona, but she's a great sport along the way. We adore her vivacious and warm hearted spirit. Should you find yourself in Piemonte, this is a must visit winery.

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