Primessida, Pasquale Bonamici


95% Cannonau
5% other local varieties

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Lamb, game, grilled red meats

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Winemaker Notes

Top quality grapes, no chemical treatment in the vineyard, only sulfur and copper if necessary. The harvest takes place in the first half of September, the grapes are harvested by hand, fermentation starts spontaneously in the cellar (12-18 hours). The fermentation lasts 10-12 days, during which the turning is done by hand (3 per day). Once the sugars reach zero, it is drawn off and transferred to steel, where it remains for 7-8 months, in which it makes two short rackings without too much oxygenation.

The Story

Pasquale Bonamici is a true natural wine producer.. Born in Mamoiada in 1983 into a family of small wine producers, in a town that has always drawn part of its history and agricultural connotation from the vineyards. In fact, there are 20 different wineries in the area. Each with its own characteristics and processes. Pasquale grows up on the family's land and learns a lot of what he still puts into practice in his production. A

After high school he decides to move to Rome. And there, between one job and another, he follows some courses on wine production. Once back in his land, after a brief period where he collaborated with his brothers-in-law for the production of some wines under the label "Tenute Bonamici", he began his solo adventure. It's 2020 and from here the owner begins to study his product in detail in an almost obsessive way. In the production of the Pasquale Bonamici winery, all the production and the supply chain is natural. The products are a reflection of the land they come from and the genius of your creator.

Chemicals, yeasts and additives are not allowed. The products of this agricultural reality are limited in number because Pasquale believes that a limited but controlled production has a lower impact on the environment and exponentially improves the emotions in drinking wine. The difficulties of an artisanal wine production are many, but the wine produced here which is called "De Vidda" is a hymn to the passion for wine. Despite being a very young winery, we are sure that the future is rosy for Pasquale and his family.

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