Permano 2021, Terenzuola


Vermentino and Trebbiano
with many other local grapes

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Fosdinovo, Tuscany


Trofie pasta with pesto, smoked salmon, fried squids and prawns, fish appetizers,
fresh cheeses or tuna tartare

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Winemaker Notes

The production area is in the Candia DOC, but was downgraded to IGT Costa Toscana in order to be vinified in the multi-level cellar located in the Colli di Luni DOC, and receive all the attention required. Newly grafted vineyards from the early 1900s on terraces facing the sea with a density of 11,000 vines per hectare. A real puzzle of different vines divided into the Aromatic, Acidic and Tannic Families which, as it is co-planted, is voluntarily harvested in a single day and co-fermented, taking a snapshot of what is a Territory. A territory unchanged since the Romans terraced these hills with the Apuan Ligurians 2000 years ago. Medium late harvest in 10 kg boxes, reception in the cellar by gravity, fermentative maceration for around 3 weeks and refinement on its own lees for around 8 months in 10 hl ceramic tiles, constitute the elements of non-interventionism to leave an identity to these grapes .
The terraces are kept under grass, given the steepness of the Apuan Alps and the vineyards managed organically with the addition of nettle and horsetail herbal teas.

The Story

Merla della Miniera is prodiced in the hilly area between the sea and the mountains near the Ligurian Riviera di Levante and upper Tuscany. Lunigiana has an ancient history of viticulture and wine trade.
In Roman times, the ancient port of Luni was an important maritime hub, which allowed the development of the region and the agriculture of the area.

Terenzuola winery today cultivates around twenty hectares located in a hilly area, at an altitude of approximately 350 meters above sea level, planted with native vines that have always been present in these border lands. The proximity of the mountains and the sea creates a very particular microclimate, always mild and temperate, with good temperature variations between day and night, which favor the development of very elegant aromatic elements.

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