Il Tesoro, Madonna Bella 2018


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50% Sangiovese
50% Merlot

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Ready or drink by 2026


Siena, Toscana


Roasted Lamb
Artisanal charcuterie and aged cheeses 

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Fallen Superheroes

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Winemaker Notes

The grapes are harvested selectively at separate times in September for the Merlot and in early October for the Sangiovese. The juice ferments for around 20 days in stainless steel vats.

The wine is then aged for 2 years in a French Tonneau, followed by another year in a bigger barrel made of Slavonian oak. The wine is bottled and left another year in the bottle.

The Story

Madonna Bella's farm is managed by 6 friends who share a passion for Tuscany and its products. The cellar is surrounded by olive trees, planted grape vines and fields of wheat.

Francesco Bechi has run Madonnabella farm for over twenty years, producing grapes and olives in an ideal climate.

Now Paolo, Roberto, Marco, Andrea and yet another Roberto are excited that Francesco joined the team. Today, Madonnabella farm turns the grapes into fine local wines and presses its own extra virgin olive oil right on the premises, ensuring freshness and authenticity.  

During Covid, Roberto spoke often on Clubhouse and we had developed a virtual friendship.  I listened anytime he spoke, as he had such a rich knowledge of the Siena region and Italian culture, and I learned so much from him.  As soon as a visit was possible, we arranged one and fell in love with his wines.  If you are in the area of Siena, I'd highly recommend a tour with him!  

For those unfamiliar with Super Tuscans, here you are... A wine is considered a Super Tuscan when coming from the Tuscan zone but made primarily with international grapes like Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah etc, which will sometimes have Sangiovese added as well but usually in a lower percentage than the others.  

Sometimes they are frowned upon in Tuscany, as the grapes used in higher percentages are French grapes, which had already spread to Napa Valley, which made some question why they were also needed to be planted in Tuscany, which had already well established its own tradition.  Most often people enjoy them for their 'familiarity' to the wines available back home.  And if you like them, you absolutely can!  Sassicaia is one and no one would pass up a sip at Rimessa.  Just know that some consider them to be homogenizing the world of wine.  But if you're reading this, you're likely about to open it so... screw it, and enjoy the bottle!!!

For those who like bold, softer Tuscan wines, this one is ideal!  It's their treasure - aka il tesoro.


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