Duchessa, Alberto Giacobbe

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100% Passerina

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Savoury pies, white fish, white meats like chicken or turkey,  pasta with vegetables

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Winemaker Notes

The wine come from vines planted in 1979 in the guyot method at about 300m above sea level. Vinification in white in steel tanks at controlled temperature (<16°). Aging of about 6 months in steel and at least 3 months in the bottle.

The Story

We just love Alberto! He is one of the nicest people ever. Student of the now somewhat famous Damiano Ciolli, and next door neighbor, Damiano and Letizia have helped to shape and refine Alberto's skills. I think the thing that most impressed me was that Alberto practiced making wine for nearly 8 years before he began to bottle it because he wanted to be sure that when it was finally bottled, it would be a great bottle and great representation of their name. FYI that means no money making for a long time.

The farm was founded in 1939 by Jacob Leopoldo when he bought a small plot of land right on top of the San Giovenale hill, an ideal location for growing grapes. Subsequently, his son Alino continued the work begun by his father by extending the company to its current size. In 2006 the bottling activity began thanks to the push of his son Alberto who took over the entire company in 2008. Currently the company covers a total area of about 15 hectares located within the municipalities of Paliano, Piglio and Olevano Romano. The sunny hills that characterize this area, the many years of experience accumulated and the dedication of the whole family mean that high quality products are made, primarily the fine Cesanese Giacobbe wine and Passerina del Frusinate.

In addition to the production of wines, which is the main activity, the Alberto Giacobbe Agricultural Company is committed to the creation of an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained mainly from olives harvested in the territories located in the municipality of Piglio. This Cesanese Giacobbe wine is relaxed and kind on the palate, slightly fruit forward, but much less tannic and harsh than many Cesanese we find around here. In fact, as dogs tend to resemble their human owners, in some way, so does this.

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