Dolcetto 2021, Sobrero


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Perfect paired with a traditional lasagna or the American-Italian spaghetti with meatballs. Nice as well with slow-cooked beef or classic baked ziti

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Winemaker Notes

The Sobrero vineyards stretch across 16 hectares of Piedmont in northern Italy, historically an excellent wine region.

The Dolcetto grape is grown in the historic vineyard of Castiglione Falletto with clay soil at an altitude of 320 meters above sea level. The name suggests a sweet wine will be produced but in fact the Dolcetto grape produces an exclusively dry wine. The grapes are fermented in steel tanks for a week with pumping, after racking the wine undergoes static decantation for a week, followed by a first racking in the air and malolactic fermentation. Aged in steel for at least 6 months and a further 3 months in the bottle for the Dolcetto 2021.

Intense ruby ​​with beautiful depth. Lively, warm nose of considerable thickness with notes of red fruits. On the palate the Dolcetto 2021 is rich and full, with remarkable development and consistency, very broad and structured, balanced by a calibrated acidity, with a very long persistence that does not compromise the pleasantness of drinking.

The Story

The history book of the Sobrero Company begins in 1940: the protagonist is the grandfather Francesco who grows grapes and sells them until the 1960s, when with the enthusiasm of the young Settimo and Pier Franco the winemaking begins.

Currently run by Flavio, he is continuing the tradition of this area where Barolo is of course made, but was once much more linked with Barbera and Dolcetto. And don't forget that even if dolce means sweet in Italian, Dolcetto has absolutely ZERO sweetness.

The Sobrero wine is sold in bulk and in bottles and the first Barolo label is dated 1964. Vintage by vintage the quality of wines grow constantly together with the gradual acquisition of new vineyards to form the current sixteen hectares, enriched in 2008 by the Moscato vineyards in Canelli.

In 2000 Flavio, son of Settimo, thanks to his studies as a winemaker, helps the winery to grow in the sign of tradition with low environmental impact products.

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