Cirò Rosso Aris, Sergio Arcuri


100% Gaglioppo

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Cirò Marina, Calabria


Roasted lamb, pork chops with black olives, your favourite homemade hamburger gourmet, roasted mushrooms, charcuterie and aged cheeses.

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Winemaker Notes

Aris Cirò is obtained from pure Gaglioppo grapes, coming from sapling vines of at least 50 years of age which rest on clayey and slightly calcareous soil. From the vineyard to the cellar the belief is to respect the grapes without unnecessary interventions, therefore the harvest takes place strictly manually, while in the cellar it continues with spontaneous fermentation in concrete tanks (called palmenti) with maceration for 3 days. The wine ages for 24 months in concrete tanks before bottling which lasts at least 12 months.

The Story

This Cirò is a multifaceted wine, capable of combining warmth and salinity with an unsuspected elegance. The winery has very ancient roots anchored to a family tradition that has always been linked to the production of wine which dates back to 1880, when Beppe, Sergio's great-grandfather, decided to plant the first vines in Cirò. Since then, despite replanting and modernization, the belief has always remained unchanged: to produce expressions of territory that are true photographs of place, grape variety and vintage. No artifices or chemical products, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, and the valorization of the extraordinary Gaglioppo, a local grape that can give bottles of such incredible depth.


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