Carignano del Sulcis Nerominiera 2019, Enrico Esu


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Carignan, Monica


Carbonia, Sardinia

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Homemade thick eggpasta ( pappardelle ) with veal sauce and mushrooms, artisanal charcuterie, semi aged cheese, grilled lamb ribs, oven roasted pork fillet with cruncy rind and mashed potatoes.

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Winemaker Notes

Manual harvest in the third decade of September, alcoholic fermentation induced by indigenous yeasts, maturation in steel tanks

The Story

We are located in Sardinia, in Carbonia, a center created for the workers who worked in the coal mines very widespread in the area.

The father of Enrico Esu, the current owner, was a miner in love with the vineyard. Despite the hard work in the mine, in the little free time he devoted himself to the vineyard and in 1958 he planted the first free-standing vineyard in carignano.

In the past in this area of ​​Sardinia, when you wanted to plant a new vineyard, you asked some friends or relatives for the branches. The "uncle Deidda" vineyard dating back to the early 1900s has generated the estate's current viticultural heritage. The vineyards of that time were not monovarietal, but were made up of a prevalent variety, in this case Carignano and other indigenous varieties such as Monica, Bovale and Carenisca.

The vines are planted with saplings and, thanks to the sandy composition of the soil and the particular breeding techniques, they can easily exceed 50 years of age.

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