Cannonau "Tzappù", Gianfranco Siotto



100% Cannonau (Grenache)

Drinking Window

Drink now or by 2030


Mamoiada, Sardinia


Meatballs, roasted lamb, lamb stew,
any game with a slighly sweet reduction.

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Winemaker Notes

The two vineyards are located in two different locations in Mamoiada. One vineyard is located to the north of the town, in a large valley characterized by the presence of historic vineyards and has a West/North-West exposure, the other is located in an area formerly cultivated with vineyards which was gradually abandoned and then reconverted again with new vineyards. It is a wine that is the quintessence of the Mamoiada tradition with all its characteristics of power, opulence but never redundant and always of great balance, of great elegance.

The Story

Gianfranco Siotto, was born in 1967, he is a firefighter by profession but his family has been producing bulk wine for four generations. This producer has been considered the best producer of bulk wine in Mamoiada for many years. This is the first year that he bottles his wine called "Tzappu" and we can proudly say that it is all the fault of Rimessa Roscioli. When we went to visit him we were so enthusiastic about this wine that we literally forced him to bottle it. "Tzappu" is the result of two very small vineyards, one about 20 years old, the other 60-70 years old for a total of just over one hectare so we are really talking about a very confidential production.

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