Cannonau "Bobotti", Sannas


100% Cannonau (Grenache)

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Mamoiada, Sardinia


Roasted lamb, pork chops with black olives, your favourite homemade hamburger gourmet,
roasted mushrooms, charcuterie and aged cheeses

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Winemaker Notes

In the vineyard Piergraziano does not carry out any treatment, not even with sulphur, he mows the soil by hand and barefoot with a hoe. The vineyard is planted using a sapling system for the old vines, and an orderly sapling system for the new ones. The harvest of the grapes is done completely by hand and immediately pressed and destemmed, small quantities gradually enter the cellar to fill the vats. The first ten boxes of each vat are not destemmed and are pressed with the feet. After the beginning of spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, he waits for the sugars to drop to zero by punching down with a chestnut stick every four hours, night and day, after which he waits another week for maceration in the vat on the skins

The Story

There are places permeated with a magical atmosphere and mysterious vital energy. Visiting them you have the feeling of living an out of time experience. Often the inhabitants are extravagant and unique characters with a very peculiar outlook on life. Graziano Sanna and Mamoiada represent the living synthesis of such a sui generis binomial. Immersed in an alternative space-time continuum our friend embodies the idea of a self-taught winemaker and each bottle reveals the secrets behind his "primordial wine".

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