Argenina 2018, Il Palazzino


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95% Sangiovese, 5% Cannaiolo & Colorino

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Ravioli with fresh tomatoes and ricotta, pumpkin and sausage pasta, fried sweet potatoes.

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Winemaker Notes

Podere il Palazzino is in Chianti, 20 km northeast of Siena, Tuscany, in the southern part of Chianti Classico area, with a total of about twenty hectares, a large part of which is dedicated to viticulture and the remainder to olive groves. Given the small dimensions of the estate, working procedures are strictly manual and the soil is cultivated using organic methods. The vineyards are fertilized with compost and manure, but mostly the soil is managed with careful observation of the native weeds and with natural biodiversity. All their wines are fermented with only naturally present yeasts, and the good quality of the grapes at harvest time allows them to use less sulfites.

The Argenina 2018 is 100% Sangiovese, coming from land of volcanic origin, with grapes distinguished by floral aromas and a harmony and freshness of fruit. The grapes are fermented in steel vats at a low temperature to preserve their intensity, before the wine is refined in small oak barrels or used barriques.

Notes of black cherry, vanilla, cocoa with intense floral tones, both to the nose and taste this Argenina 2018 wine is elegant with warm, soft, mineral sensations.

The Story

Chianti Classico, surely it's a recognizable name and maybe you've even had a good one, but for us it's an overly large region of 100 square miles and an over presence of lackluster wine. Finding a good artisan can really be like sifting through a heaping pile of fiascos to find your Coravin needle.

Enter Edoardo Sderci - young, proud organic farmer working with native grapes to make wines which express the traditions of the zone but in a more lively and energetic way - not wines which should be destined for the morgues. His wines, like this Argenina 2018, perfectly emulate his energetic and bright soul - and as someone once said…wines are often like dogs - they tend to reflect the personality of their owner. Only 900 cases made of the Argenina 2018 (and that's pretty minuscule for Chianti).

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