Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Cavolo 2016, Brigaldara


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Corvina 47%
Corvinone 39%
Rondinella 6%
Others 8%

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San Pietro in Cariano (Verona), Valpolicella VENETO


Fettuccine eggpasta with crispy speck,
chestnuts and pecorino cheese
Braised lamb, grilled porcini mushrooms
Artisanal charcuterie
Aged cheese

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Winemaker Notes

Wine produced with the grapes coming from a single vineyard (Cavolo), located at 130 meters above sea level. Once hand-harvested, during the second half of September, they are left to dry for around 120 days before the vinificaion.

During fermentation, the must is always in contact with the grape skins. It is pumped over twice a day with a delestage half way through fermentation, favouring colour extraction. 4 -year maturation in wooden barrels. (2 years in barriques and 2 years into large barrels).

The Story

One thing to keep in Rimessa Roscioli, we carry only 3 or 4 winemakers in Valpolicella.  Valpolicella has suffered extensively from overproduction due to some early success which unfortunately resulted in over-expansion into flat and undesirable areas, even near highways, and a lot of poor quality wines.  Where Brigaldara is located requires winding up several hundred meters, and snaking back into wild and forested territory which blossoms with biodiversity.

A viticultural landscape that embraces such different areas of Valpolicella deserves an agronomic management devoted to enhancing the expressiveness of the different terroirs. The agronomic philosophy was set on the centrality of the vineyard, in which the main operations are carried out by hand by a team of dedicated agronomists who work closely with the oenologists. All the choices are shared and designed with the utmost respect for biodiversity and the vegetative-productive balance of the ecosystem in which the vine is inserted, paying maximum attention to the full maturity of the grapes. In the over 70 hectares of the property, Brigaldara has set its action according to an ecosystem perspective where man, plants and animals complete a virtuous cycle: forestry, truffle ground and farming are practiced alongside the vineyards.

From the 1980s to today, Valpolicella has pursued a style of wine based on huge concentrations, creating Amarone with sometimes extreme withering, color and sugar residues. A view that Brigaldara has radically rethought, recovering part of the freshness and lightness that was typical of traditional wines. The result is a clean, rigorous style, with great drinkability and preservation of the aromatic profiles of the grapes, with alcohol and sugar concentrations always careful to capture the soul and expressiveness of the grapes and the territories from which they come from.


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