Russè, Arteteke


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100% Aglianico

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Ready or drink by 2025


Melfi, Basilicata


Cavatelli pasta with pork sauce,
grilled lamb ribs, roasted porcini mushrooms,
truffle omelette, mixed charcuterie board

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Winemaker Notes

The grapes are collected by hand and once in the cellar, they are de-stemmed and transferred to a concrete tank to start the spontaneous fermentation. At the end of the maceration on the skins, the grapes are softly pressed and then the must is returned to the concrete tank to complete the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation.

It also carries out refinement in concrete tank for a period of time determined by the vintage and the characteristics of the grapes. Proceeding with frequent and continuous tastings, until it is decided that it is time to bottle it. Then it rests again in the bottle before being released, between equally frequent tastings.

The Story

Arteteke is a story of redemption and resilience. It all begins in 2013 in Basilicata, near Vulture volcano, when Francesco Bagnale (president of the association of families of people with disabilities) and Alessandro Bocchetti, gourmet and communicator, decide to create a farm dedicated to the employment of children with motor and cognitive deseases.

Arteteke in dialect indicates the restlessness of children who cannot sit still. On the label there is Bramea, a very rare butterfly that lives only on the Vulture, around the Monticchio Lakes, a real living fossil that is the greatest pride of the national entomology. An incitement to take flight rather than crawl on the ground.


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