Italian Wine Club 1

Featuring bottles of organic white and red Italian wines that pair easily with food and can be enjoyed immediately with friends and family.

How the Roscioli Italian Wine club works:

24 bottles
per year

4 payments of 179€ = 716€ annually
≈ 29€ per bottle

SAVE 10%:
Select quantity 2 at the checkout for a double shipment (24 bottles per shipment – 48 per year)

SAVE 15%:
Select quantity 3 at the checkout for a triple shipment (36 bottles per shipment – 72 per year)

NOTE: We process TWO order payments per shipment.

Custom payment

Our standard subscription payment dates are:

Spring Shipment Payments
Feb 15 - 179€ (6 bottles)
Mar 15 - 179€ (6 bottles)

Fall Shipment Payments
Aug 15 - 179€ (6 bottles)
Sept 15 - 179€ (6 bottles)

If you join after our regular billing dates, your first payment is charged the day you sign-up, and the second just before we ship.

Deliveries twice
per year

12 bottles per shipment

Spring Shipment Delivery:

Fall Shipment Delivery:

Spring shipment available April until June. Fall shipment available through the holidays. Plan 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Summer orders will receive the Fall shipment. 

Created for everyday wine lovers

(we also ship to most other countries)

x24 bottles per year in two shipments
(we ship every Spring and Fall)

Complimentary Wine and Food Tasting Dinner at Rimessa Roscioli in Rome, Italy

No contracts, ever

Comprehensive tasting notes and videos with each shipment

Gift subscriptions available - just tick the box at the checkout


A little slice of Italy, delivered to your door twice a year

"Roscioli Wine Club and the entire Roscioli team are amazing! The club ships delicious Italian wines you cannot buy anywhere in the US, accompanied by complete tasting notes and videos, suggested food pairings and education about the local wine producers and terroir. They also throw in local treats like small batch olive oil & balsamic vinegars. A little slice of Italy, delivered to your door twice a year. All this at a very reasonable price too. Lindsay & Alessandro know their stuff when it comes to wine! Highly recommend."

- Kristen Chaddock, March 2021

*Times cannot be guaranteed as there are factors for international wine shipping like customs which are out of our control. USA please plan approx 4-6 weeks for delivery from order date. During COVID, please allow a little longer for delivery due to transport limitations and backlogs. 

Reds & Whites, or Reds only?

Select your collection:

Standard Collection


Includes a free gift from our team in Rome!


Reds Only Collection


Includes a free gift from our team in Rome!


Looking for something different?

Italian Wine Club 2
Italian Wine Club 2

249€ per 6 bottles

For wine enthusiasts.

This premium wine selection includes more full-bodied bottles worthy of a few years kept in the cellar. Ships twice per year.


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Collectors Club 1 Wine Club
Collectors Clubs

500-1000€ per 6 bottles

For wine collectors.

World-class selections of important and collectible French and Italian wines included in each shipment. Ships twice per year.


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