Schiava Fass N. 9 2020, Girlan


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100% Schiava

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Cornaiano, ALTO ADIGE


Traditional dish "Speck, potatoes and eggs"
Artisanal charcuterie
Semi aged cheese

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Winemaker Notes

30 years old vines. The vineyards are at 450 m above sea level and the terroir, with its hilly profile, is characterized by morainic and gravelly residues dating back to the glacial period. Manual harvest and fermentation in stainless steel containers. Aging for 5 months in large oak barrels. 

The Story

The Girlan Winery was founded in 1923 in a historic 16th century farmhouse. At the time, 23 winemakers laid the foundation stone of what would later become the current company. In honor of the 950th anniversary of the city of Villach (Austria), the winemaker Valentin Spitaler bottles a selection of the best Vernatsch grapes and gives it the name of the container in which the wine ages for months: Fass Nr. 9 (barrel n. 9 ).

Pioneer Hartmuth Spitaler recognizes the unique potential of the Gschleier sub-area and produces a Vernatsch exclusively from this sub-area for the first time. The Girlan Winery currently has 200 winemakers, located in a 220-hectare vineyard area, in the best production areas of the valley.


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