Rosso, Cantine di Neoneli 


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Pascale, Cannonau, Monica, Muristellu, Carignano, Cagnulari, Cinsault, Nieddumannu, Nieddusaludu

Drinking Window

Ready or drink by 2030


Neoneli, Sardinia


Traditional Culurgiones pasta, grilled pork ribs, omelette with asparagus and truffle, beef tartare
with capers and semidried tomatoes,
artisanal charcuterie and semi aged cheeses

Regional Recipe


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Winemaker Notes

The wine heritage of Neoneli is so huge that often the wines are the result of a blend of about 10 types of native varieties. The grapes come from sapling vines which are considered young here but they actually have an average age of about 40 years. All the grapes are pressed together, then follows the spontaneous fermentation in steel tanks and a maceration of the must on the skins for about 20 days.
Aging in wood for 12 months. Not filtered.

The Story

Keep in mind, this wine region has only bottled wine for 4 years now.  Prior to that, all wine was just made a bulk wine, sold by the liter and bottled in reused plastic water bottles.  But, that doesn't mean the wine tradition isn't extremely strong here.  Of some 600 inhabitants, kids included, 130 make wine.  Literally fights break out over coffee in the morning about fermentation methods, as it is that ingrained in their tradition that everyone has their opinion.

Neoneli winery was born from a bet desired and accepted years ago when 3 friends (Marco, Samuel and Salvatore) decided to save the identity and traditions of their territory.

Through hard work, perseverance and stubbornness they managed to go beyond reason, feeling indebted to their people who have been able to maintain the quality of their vines for centuries: a heritage that was impossible to leave behind.

Today the vineyard area counts over 6 hectares, divided in about twenty vineyards which over the centuries have built a perfect symbiosis with the surrounding cork oaks, used exclusively for the cork of their bottles, creating a rare wine landscape.

The potential in this zone immense, even if no one really knows of it yet.  You'll have the great pleasure to say that you drank one of the first bottles ever produced in this region.

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