Rosso di San Giovenale 2018

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20% Grenache
20% Cabernet Franc
20% Syrah
20% Carignano
20% Malvasia nera

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Fallen Superheroes

By Daniela Pareschi

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Winemaker Notes

Grapes obtained from vines with an average age of 9 years grown as sapling on clayey soil with south-east exposure. Dry climate and constantly ventilated by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Organic Viticulture.

Planting density of about 11,000 plants per hectare. Harvest during the second and third ten days of September. After harvesting by hand, the grapes are pressed within 1 hour.

Natural fermentation for 15 days in steel tanks. Aging for 20 months in barrique followed by aging in the bottle for 6 months. Exclusive selection for the Roscioli wine club.

The Story

This wine is a Roscioli Wine Club Exclusive.  Read on below to see how we created this bottling...

Emanuele is a genius, period. On the first touch of his Super Roman wines to your lips, you're hooked. We could leave his wines alone and in a way, there would be nothing lost.

But....what if...
It so happens one of our Collectors Club members, of Italian descent, French speaking, now a surgeon in Texas (one could say culturally well-rounded and fitting for the setting) is visiting us for his winery tour available to members, at San Giovenale. In front of us stand nearly 100 noble French oak barriques - the giddiness rushes in, like that first time you got the box of 500 Crayola crayons as a child - this time our colors to paint with were Grenache, Syrah, Malvasia Nera, Carignano, and others, all from various vintages. The permutations were incalculable.

We tasted, sipped, shared, swirled, pondered, blended, re-blended, until we finally tagged 5 barrels that stood above the rest. Adding the mathematical brushstroke of genius with various percentages of each barrel, Emanuele came to Rimessa with 4 non-labeled bottles numbered 1 to 4. The winner - a unanimous number 4 - is heading to Wine Club Tier 2 members this Spring. Thank you to Mark Chalaby, Britta and the renowned Dario Cappelloni who contributed to this masterpiece.

Will you be the next one we thank??

Some additional notes:

Our Private Label is a powerful and very rich wine, with a velvety and caressing taste, where we hoped to lighten ever so lightly the power and concentration of Emanuele's wines.

The hand of Marco Casolanetti, for what concerns the production of wine, is one of the most recognizable as the result of a clear idea that embraces the work in the vineyard and in the cellar. Marco, former owner of Oasi degli Angeli, opts for very low yields on the plant in order to concentrate aromas and extracts in a few fruits, harvested when fully ripe.

In the case of Habemus, the vines are able to provide a generous and well-defined aromatic contribution. Concentrated, deep, impactful wine, fascinating for its persuasiveness and pleasantness to drink.


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