Lanò 2019, Traclò


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Nerello 50%, Lacrima piccola di Bova, Castiglione, Calabrese, Nocellara, Guardavalle e Tundhulidda.

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Ideal with fusilli pasta and beef ragu, 'nduja, goat with herbs and red onions, or with sweet and spicy chicken.

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Winemaker Notes

The Traclò brothers have created something incredible in their ancient vineyard in Calabria.

Made according to techniques that have been used for hundreds of years, with no chemicals or synthetic treatments used and everything done by hand, this unique Lanò 2019 wine is made up of a mix of red grapes all found in their vineyard, with some white grapes used as well. After the grapes are all pressed together, they are placed in stainless steel tanks to be macerated for a few days before being aged at least 24 months. Further aging in the bottle for at least 6 months to create the Lanò 2019.

Even the name indicates how much this wine is rooted in the past. Lanò is the Greek word for the palmento, a stone wine press that was dug directly into the rock. If you know what to look for, you will see the remains of many of these presses all over the Calabrian hills still today.

The Story

It's not often that you come across the person who will have no one to hand a multi-millenial tradition down to, but one of these people is Fratelli Traclo, who is the last person to speak the ancient Greco-Calabrian dialect in his region.

Lanò is actually dialect for palmento, or a wine mill if you will - one of whch they still use which dates to the 18th century. Beyond this, these were two of the most sincere brothers we have ever met. One was so proud that he was offered 50 euros for a bottle of his wine which had a hand painted label in Greek on it done by Carmelo himself. Sadly many wines in Calabria are valued more by foreigners than those in their backyard.

We were obsessed with the vineyards, which overlook the sea and are planted with up to 90 year old vines. Biodiversity runs everywhere around here, every few steps you're plucking fruit from mulberry, plum and cherry trees. These guys make so little wine that we always have to hand count the bottles in their cellar to be sure we have enough.

Ohhh, and possibly one of the sweetest things they did - I had absolutely loved a spicy salami that they served us and he said he has to book the salami months in advance because it sells out like hot cakes. Months later, one arrived at Rimessa as a thank you for working with them. It really moved me. I hope the intensely fresh and crunchy fruit of this Lanò 2019 wine moves you as much as it did us.

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