Il Pettirosso 2017, Arpepe


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Chiavennasca (Nebbiolo)


Valtellina, Lombardy

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Winemaker Notes

Vineyards with grassy rows exposed to the south at an altitude of 400/550 meters on granitic soils. Alcoholic fermentation with spontaneous yeasts and 105 days skin-maceration in 50-hectolitre wooden vats. Aging of 12 months in vats and 50-hectolitre wooden barrels.

The Story

Founded in 1984 by Arturo Pelizzatti Perego, today Ar.Pe.Pe is a dynamic and constantly evolving company, led by Isabella and Emanuele. Although young, they are proud exponents of the Valtellinese wine movement: the strong link with tradition, the great technical innovations in the vineyard and in the cellar to create wines of great character, capable of expressing the full potential of mountain Nebbiolo.

It was therefore decided to also make eco-sensitive choices, with zero impact on the environment, such as the use of geothermal, which exploits the natural geological heat and with which Ar.Pe.Pe regulates the temperatures of the cellars and rooms above ground. Before marketing the wines spend years of slow evolution until bottling, rigorously marked by the phases of the moon. The aging of the traditional Nebbiolo invests precise expectations: a gradual gain in refinement and exaltation of the lands of origin with their specificities.

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