Cattabrega, Podere sotto il noce


70% Lambrusco Grasparossa,
15% Lambrusco di Sorbara,
15% Lambrusco Modenese.

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Castelvetro di Modena,
Emilia Romagna


Tortellini in brodo, flat bread (Piadina) with ham and cheese, semi aged cheeses,
tagliatelle with bolognese ragù.

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Winemaker Notes

“Cattabrega” is produced from vineyards located in the municipality of Castelvetro, in the province of Modena, birthplace of Lambrusco Grasparossa. Podere Sottoilnoce winery proudly uses the refermentation techniques that have always been the identity of the Emilian territory: the wine ferments in the bottle according to the dictates of the ancestral method, which consists in bottling the must during the first cold days of winter with a light percentage of sugar left from the previous fermentation. This light residue will reactivate the spontaneous yeasts contained inside the bottles, thanks to the action of the spring warmth, allowing them to carry out a second fermentation which will ultimately give effervescence and creaminess to the wine.

The Story

“Cattabrega” is a tasty and smooth rosé, an ideal effervescent juice of the Modena tradition, a bastion of its territory and the perfect gastronomic companion for any snack based on Emilian gastronomic products. The protagonist of the territory is Lambrusco Grasparossa. The peculiarity to which it owes its name is curious: in autumn not only the leaves turn red, but also the stems and pedicels, hence the relative name. The motif on the label is also interesting, a true declaration of intent, which represents the animal biodiversity of the place and the spontaneity of nature.

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