Amarone della Valpolicella 2015, Musella


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Corvina 45%, Corvinone 50%, Rondinella 5%, Oseleta 5%

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This wine has a tendency to match perfectly with agnolotti stuffed with beef stew or fresh pasta with duck ragù. 

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Winemaker Notes

The biodynamic method is key to the success of Musella winery, in northern Veneto, allowing their agricultural practices to be in tune with nature and their land. Synthetic mineral fertilizers and chemical pesticides have been abolished, the soil is managed in a way that promotes fertility and vitality while sustaining plant and animal growth.

This Amarone della Valpolicella is a special vintage. The grapes are collected in boxes and kept in a ventilated room to be dried. The grapes lose 35% of their original weight, which concentrates the sugars, aromatic components, and noble tannins. Soft pressing takes place before fermentation, which starts at a low temperature, with a long maceration for maximum extraction. The wine matures in French oak for 12 months before being moved to larger barrels. After bottling, the Amarone della Valpolicella rests in the bottle for at least 8 months.

The Story

Let's just say that if there is an Amarone in our Wine Club, it must be something pretty special. Until now, other than Quintarelli and Brigaldara, we've had very little of it in the cellar of Rimessa Roscioli. Every time we order Amarone, thinking to our American clients, it turns out that, tasted side by side with other wines, it's suddenly less appreciated and just ends up sitting on our cellar shelves. 

BUT...when Gaetano, our natural wine guru, tells us that there is an Amarone della Valpolicella we must try, and we absolutely took up the challenge. Gaetano telling us to taste an Amarone is like Mozart recommending the latest Kanye West record. The fact is so striking that it cannot fail to intrigue. He explained that Musella has decided to reverse the course. To make less concentrated wines, converting everything into biodynamics with spontaneous fermentations and lighter macerations, without working on the concentration of fruit scents, but rather on elegance and territoriality.

This wine may be different from some Amarone you find exported, but we were pretty shocked by it. If you don't want to eat food with your wine, look no further. This wine pairs perfectly with a stuck-inside, snowy winter day and a fireplace. 

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