Elena of Les Cretes

Les Crêtes, Aosta

In Winemakers & Vineyards by Roscioli Italian Wine Club

Elena Charrère tells us in a completely intimate and introspective version the wine history of a region as shy and reserved as the Val d 'Aosta, through the story of her family, Les Cretes, wine producers for five generations; she will offer us an insight into a family of winemakers who have so marked the history of their region, of how her father Costantino represented a driving force for this niche reality too often (and, wrongly) neglected, and which instead has a lot to tell. A reality that still does not betray its artisan vocation, pushed up above the “crests” of the Valdostane mountains, will guide us on a journey into heroic viticulture, the local indigenous vines, and the local anecdotes and traditions.

Follow her to discover the winery!

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