The Wine Hof Challenge

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Wine Hof?  You mean Wim Hof?  No way, not that crazy Dutch guy who advocates for cold showers, swims underwater in the frigid Arctic ice water to the point where his retina freezes, does almost 2 hour ice baths or who hikes Everest in just shorts??  That guy is out of his f'ing mind.  No way.  Not my thing.  I'm good with my hot showers - in fact, I LOVE my hot showers, hot tubs, California weather, California Cabs, my routines, my comforts, just booked a trip to Tahiti.  I'm good...thanks anyway.

I get it, all too well.  It's not always easy to change and go outside our habits and comfort zone, even if we know that many of these comforts are making us as a society lazy, spoiled, and often self-indulgent to the point of our demise.  In fact, I remember those first few showers and brutal first few seconds and how uncomfortable they were and how easy it would have been to bail immediately.  But then what?  What might I be missing?  I would have never discovered a world unknown to me where a superficial pain can result in a delayed pleasure.  How going outside my routines and likes could open up my mind to a new, inspired dimension.   Surely I'm not in total control of my immune system like Wim yet, but I'm changed, and for the better, in every way.

So here's our proposal...

1 month of cold showers and 1 shipment of the Roscioli Wine Club to wake you up!


Nevermind...forget the cold showers.  But how about something new, something different, something that maybe takes you out of your comfort zone of safe and easy Cabs and Chards.  Something that opens your mind to what wine traditionally was, is and can be. You may have to resist for the first few sips, as these were not chemically concocted to be pleasurable from the second they hit your lips and with diminishing excitement, but rather a bit slow to let you in and lingering on your mind.  Something that awakens you to the idea that wine is more than just a fruit juice with alcohol, which can make you curious about endless things...where it comes from, why it tastes that way, who made it, what it might pair with, why it's so different, and maybe now that we're past the first few sips, why is so damn good...

Why don't you take our simple challenge...

Take the plunge and try the Roscioli Wine Club

(There's no contract by the way) and maybe just maybe, it'll open you mind, your palate, shock and surprise you - in the same way that cold showers and culture have shocked and saved me and invigorated every sense of me.

I love a challenge!Sign me up

And PS, for the brave and courageous....join us on the actual Wim Hof challenge of breathing and cold therapy if you like...we're curious how it changes you.  Because if I, Santa Barbarian Lindsay, can do it, I promise, so can you!


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