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[RECIPE] Fondue from Valle d’Aosta

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Enjoy this hearty fondue recipe for the cold winter season from Valle d’Aosta. Fontina is the most characteristic regional cheese of Valle d’Aosta, famous for its melt-in-your-mouth nature that goes well with many recipes. Traditionally this fondue recipe is served with good bread for dipping.


Recommended wine pairing: Fumin

Fumin is one of the few indigenous vines that does not go beyond its regional borders. The wines tend to be tactile and slightly rustic and for this reason usually softened by aging in oak.

Servings: 4

    • 400g/14oz PDO Fontina cheese
    • 250ml/1 cup whole milk (full-fat)
    • 30g/1oz butter
    • 4 egg yolks

    For the fondue to be successful, it must be completely smooth, so keep stirring until the right consistency is reached. 

    1. Remove the rind of the Fontina cheese and cut into thin slices. 
    2. Place the Fontina slices in a tall container and cover it with milk for several hours or overnight. 
    3. If using a fondue pot, put the butter, egg yolks and Fontina mixed with milk in the fondue pot and bring slowly to the heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. 
    4. If you do not have a fondue pot, place a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water – be careful to ensure the bowl is not immersed in the water. Put the Fontina and milk mixture in the bowl along with the butter and egg yolks, and stir constantly with a wooden spoon.
    5. At the start the Fontina will appear stringy, but then it will gradually combine with the milk, butter and egg yolks with constant stirring until it becomes a smooth, thick cream.
    6. Once the fondue is the right consistency, taste and add salt if necessary – it may not be because generally Fontina is quite salty – add a pinch of pepper and serve.

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