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100% Terrano

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Friuli Venezia-Giulia


Sausages, cold cuts, beef goulash
with side dish or horseradishes

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Winemaker Notes

The vineyards are located in Prepotto in Duino Aurisina, just above the city of Trieste. The Mediterranean climate is refreshed by the Bora, which blows fresh and incessant from the north-east. The Karst plateau is characterized by soils of outcropping limestone rocks , covered by little red iron-laden ground. It is in this extreme environment that Terrano manages to dig deep to give reds with a strong and decisive character, which well reflect the face of a harsh territory. This ancient varietal has done well at adapting here over the centuries.

Farmed organically with the intention not to give anything other than what the terroir of the Karst supplies in the glass. Fermentation takes place spontaneously with indigenous yeasts in oak barrels. The wine ages for 12 months in oak barrels before bottling without filtration.

The Story

Sandi Skerk and his family, in the ancient understanding between man and nature, dedicate themselves with a deep sense of belonging to the territory to the cultivation of high-density vines and, taking inspiration from ancient viticulture techniques, they are oriented towards the cultivation of those native varieties, such as Terrano, Vitovska and Malvasia, which have proven over the centuries to be able to ensure the best results in this land and climate. Sandi believes much in this grape but knows that it's for some and not for others. This grape is often referred to as the 'blood of the land' producing wines with great minerality from the iron and harsh soils.

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