Anthony Bourdain – Wine Tasting Rome – Rimessa Roscioli

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Anthony Bourdain visits Rimessa Roscioli!

Along side Pierluigi Roscioli, he samples though some of Salumeria Roscioli's most prestigious selections of cured meats, prosciutto, aged cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano 48 months from red cows and fresh buffalo mozzarella made just hours before...

You can taste all of these same selections at Rimessa and Salumeria Roscioli.

Anthony Bourdain fa visita a Roscioli e racconta la pregiata selezione di formaggi, salumi, vini. Insieme a Pierluigi degusta la migliore mozzarella, il prosciutto e un Parmigiano 48 mesi.

To taste it for yourself:



Campo de Fiori - did I did I hear that or did I dream it?

Ciao - welcome to Roscioli, a family Empire of the old good stuff in English.

We can only say deli only it's not really a deli, it's a treasure trove of salumi, cheese, tuna - words fail here.

It's also a bakery and more - they've got master crafted breads and pizza Bianca. Only got like ten other shops.  Roscioli is a fourth generation with eleven brothers so in Rome is a very easy to find back in a little shali because all eleven brothers they're going they have it beckoning me join this

we're surely Pierluigi in the back of his shop to try some of his old good stuff. Holy look at that fresh buffalo mozzarella I've never in my life never had anything like it - look at how it separates along the fault line so palms so moist so fresh the bread just listening to it makes you stand right up and of course prosciutto prosciutto - I gotta get that right, my wife's always busting my about that oh shoot talk Jesus Lord this is good Parmesan Reggiano.

We opened at the wheel and we taste the cheese from Agra mido up until it cuts into it essentially this thing is alive there's also just stuff going on in there, things are happening once you're right once you cut into it though things stop happening it starts slowly to die yes you see they are.

Eureka it's a very difficult you need to have a knowledge right for to do that this wheel is a very special a very rare these are from a free-range they eat fresh grass - you're talking about a happy animal.

Yes eating the best grass at the best time that the grass is good yes is the 2007 so it's almost four years the moment that you know if the cheese is a good or now and they perfectly flavor he's only the moment when they open nice - because after you open already ten minutes after they change.

That's it yes nothing like it in the world and that you see these white points are fantastic because the density coming from the fat the cheese is it combo because these are the three years at a good meal... based upon Madeira come at a certain to waste cheese this wine all of these things these are living living things anything that's left over this is slowly slowly knock yes Oh


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